7th Street Caravans Warranties

At 7th Street Caravans, we stand by all the caravans we sell, which is why we offer a range of warranty options on New and Used Caravans. By purchasing a caravan at 7th Street Caravans you will benefit from:

All repair work guaranteed by trained caravan technicians

Prompt warranty communication within 7 days

We congratulate you on taking delivery of your beautiful new Caravan from 7th Street Caravans.

This form has been established to collate the information required to initiate the processes to arrange approvals for the effective and accurate repairs. This form also makes sure your caravan and its specifications are linked into the repair system.

7th Street Caravans (Dealership) will oversee all warranty work to ensure any repairs are carried out in a timely fashion, to your satisfaction and to meet code.

Due to the complex nature of caravans and the vast amount of componentry from a larger number of manufacturers and the skilled labour involved in their production, there are times when the manufacturers need to be involved in the execution of warranty repairs. So, manufacturers are able to liaise better with repairers in regards to the repair techniques that need to be conducted and may take over the management of your claim. Manufacturers also have direct access to the suppliers of the various componentry meaning they can acquire spare parts and information much quicker.

Please follow the simple steps below so the Dealership or Manufacturers can perform any warranty repair work that may be needed on your van.

It’s important that all the information within the form is completed in full.
Please be sure to have all required information on hand before submitting the form to make sure that we can get any repairs carried out for as quickly as possible.

Once you have submitted this form, a copy is sent to our Dealership warranty team which who will start the process for you.
If after submitting the claim form you wish to add newly discovered items, you must submit an entirely new claim form each time. (even if the van has already been booked into a repairer). In this case, multiple claim forms will be batched together. You cannot ask the repairer to inspect items that are not listed on the claim form.
In all correspondence that relates to your warranty claim, please use our email subject line that is created in your claim email. This will allow all communication to be stay together in the Dealerships, Manufacturer and Repairs email systems.
The email that is generated from this warranty form will remain active until all repairs have been carried out to yours and the Dealerships satisfaction.

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