Option RVs

At Option RV Caravans, you’ll find our passion for the outdoors in each of our luxury caravans. Designed and built with outstanding workmanship and extraordinary attention to detail to all relevant Australian Design Rules (ADRs), Regulations and Australian Standards (AS). Option RV Caravans are the perfect fit for your on road, off road & family adventures. Our caravans are manufactured with passion and high expertise as we are proud to produce the caravan you need for your travels. Hit the road and explore Australia in comfort and style.


The Option RV Tornado series is a tough, luxurious caravan capable of taking you off the beaten track without breaking the bank.


The Option RV Distinction series caters for adventurous travellers who seek to discover Australia’s glorious semi off road locations.


The Option RV Traction series caters for the most adventurous of travellers who seek to discover some of Australia’s most remote and scenic locations.


Join the Aidan and Mark two of 7th street caravans finest, As they show you the Option RV’s have to offer!  

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