Used Caravans

 7th Street Caravans at Heatherbrae is the perfect place to see the latest range of used vans to suit all tastes and  budgets.
 Come and see us up on the Pacific Highway at Heatherbrae (just up from McDonalds) and experience the service and pricing we are renowned for. 

Workshop Tested & Serviced!!!


 Call Aidan Saggers ph:0408 556678 or



Regent Cruiser (R2683) 2001 Model Caravan, Internal Size: 15'6, External Size: 16'6, Tare Weight: 1260kg
Windsor SS MKII (WM28426), 2004 Pop Top Model, Body Size: 17', Tare Weight: 1208kg
Windsor Royale (WM31461) 2008 Model Caravan, Body Size: 21', Tare Weight: 1963kg
Safari Oasis (SF1105) 2011 Model Caravan, Body Size: 22'6, Tare Weight: 2230kg
Traveller Sensation (TC7243) 2007 Model Caravan, Body Size: 19'6, Tare Weight:2150kg
Traveller Sensation (TC8221) 2008 Model Caravan, Body Size: 21', Tare Weight: 2380kg
Spaceland Pursuit (SC4334) 2011 Model Caravan, Internal Size: 23'6, External Size: 25', Tare Weight: 2580kg
Majestic Tiara (MVL10185) 2010 Model Caravan, Internal Length: 22'6", Body Size: 23'6", Tare Weight 2440kg
Jayco Sterling Slide Out (N72715) 2011 Model, Body Size: 23'6" , Tare Weight: 2417kg
Retreat Mabel (RC2361) 2014 Model Caravan, Body Size: 24', Tare Weight: 2678kg
Swift Explorer 645 (TB70VX) 2016 Model Caravan, Body Size: 22', Tare Weight: 1608kg
Living Edge Bellagio (LE401) 2017 Model Caravan, Body Size: 21'3kg
Universal Transformer (UC16071) 2016 Model, Body Size: 24' x 7'9", Tare Weight: 3000kg
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