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Paramount Caravans continue their ongoing pursuit of "Quality and Excellence"
and come with a massive 4 year Structural Warranty.


or ph:0408 556678



Paramount EXTENDA (D2027) NEW 2020' Pop Top Model, Body Size: 15', Tare Mass 1600kg
Paramount THUNDER (C5792) KNOCK OUT DEAL ON A NEW 2020' Model Caravan, Body Size: 18'6", Tare Mass 1900kg
Paramount Commander 196 (C5791) NEW 2020' Model, Body Size: 19'6, Tare Weight: 2190kg
Paramount Commander 206 (C5723) NEW 2019 Model Caravan, Internal Size: 20'6, Tare Weight: 2320kg
Paramount Adventurer (C5793) NEW 2020 Model Family Caravan, External Size: 21'6, Tare Weight: 2420kg
Paramount Commander XT. New Gen 2 Design, 2019 Model 19'6 Body Size 2550KG Tare Weight All New Features
Paramount Commander 236 (C5673) KNOCK OUT DEAL ON A NEW 2019 Model Caravan, Body Size: 23'6, Tare Weight: 2740kg
Paramount Commander Gen 2 (C5724) NEW 2019 Model, 19'6 Body Size, Tare Weight 2550Kg
Paramount Commander Gen 2 (C5754), NEW Model Caravan, Body Size: 23', Tare Weight: 2980kg
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